USC 7th University Research Conference, April 20, 2023 LCSFC Session

URC A4 LCSFC Overview
Presented by: Judith Rafaelita B. Borja

URC A5 Part 1 Profile Schooling
Presented by: Nanette Lee Mayol

URC A6 Human Capital Profile of Filipino Adolescents
Presented by: Jan Lorenzo G. Alegado

URC A7 Household Food and Water Insecurity in the Philippines
Presented by: Francisco M. Largo

URC A8 Mental health state of Filipino adolescents before and during the pandemic
Presented by: Delia E. Belleza

URC A10 Sexual and Reproductive Health Profile of Filipino Adolescents
Presented by: Marjury E. Dino and Maria Fiscalina A. Nolasco

URC A11 Summary of findings and policy implications
Presented by: Alejandro N. Herrin