Discussion Papers

List of Report Series

No.1 - Attrition in the Cebu Longitudinal Health and Nutrition Survey
Author: Tita Lorna L. Perez

No.2 - Longitudinal Cohort Study on the Filipino Child. Baseline Survey Technical Report
Author: Judith Rafaelita B. Borja

List of Paper Series

No.1 - Fertility and Age-Structural Transitions and the Millennium Development Goals: Perspective from the Philippines - December 2005
Author: Socorro A. Gultiano

No.2 - Terminal Digit Preference on Blood Pressure Measurements: Its Effect on the Association Between Body Mass Index and Hypertension Among Adult Women - January 2006
Author: Nanette R. Lee

No.3 - Food Consumption Patterns of Pregnant Women And Children(ECD Baseline Indicators Survey) - March 2006
Author: Paulita L. Duazo

No.4 - Within-Country Income Inequality and Human Development: An Ecological Analysis - May 2006
Author: Nanette R. Lee

No.5 - Infant Morbidity and School Performance in Late Childhood in Cebu, Philippines - October 2007
Authors: Tita Lorna Perez, Marilyn Cinco and Linda Adair

No.6 - Marital Status and Psychological Well-Being of Filipino Women - November 2007
Authors: Socorro A. Gultiano, Graeme D. Armecin and Michelle J. Hindin

No.7 - Is Early Childhood Height-For-Age Associated With The Work Status Of Filipino Young Adults? - December 2007
Authors: Delia B. Carba and Vivencia L. Tan

No.8 - Childhood Stunting and Schooling Attainment of Filipino Young Adults - February 2007
Author: Isabelita N. Bas

No.9 - Work, Income and ExpenditurePatterns of the Filipino Elderly and Near-elderly Women: A Metro Cebu Case Study - March 2008
Authors: Socorro A. Gultiano and Sonny S. Agustin

No.10 - Early Child Stunting and Gender Inequalities in Work Participation Among Young Filipino Adults - May 2008
Authors: Paulita L. Duazo and Perla Hamoy

No.11 - Breastfeeding and Later Psychosocial Development in the Philippines - January 2010
Authors: Paulita L. Duazo, Josephine L. AvilaAnd Christopher W. Kuzawa

No.12 - Waist circumference and the risk of hypertension and prediabetes among Filipino women
Authors: Delia B. Carba, Isabelita N. Bas, Josephine L. Avila, Socorro A. Gultiano, Nanette R. Lee and Linda S. Adair