CATI Consultant JobCallRef##22-082020 - Date posted: 08/26/2020 status: closed

A. Project Background

The Longitudinal Cohort Study on the Filipino Child (LCSFC) annually gathers data on a broad range of indicators covering almost all of the SDGs from a nationally representative sample of ten year old children (at Baseline) followed through age 24 (2016-2030). The study examines how the development goals influence the lives of children as they transition to young adulthood throughout the SDG implementation period.

In its 4th survey wave, the LCSFC has so far collected data depicting the development trajectories of young people (ages 10-13) and their families, vis-à-vis the SDGs, prior to COVID-19. The entire country has been placed on various levels of community quarantines since mid-March to control the spread of the virus. It is important to know how the cohort is coping in the midst of this pandemic, as a prelude to how their lives are expected to eventually change in these uncertain times.

We are going to conduct a brief survey on the full cohort aiming to follow-up the households of 4,947 living sample. The study will collect socio-economic and other COVID- and SDG- relevant measures through computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI). Experienced interviewers who have participated in any of the previous waves of the LCSFC will be trained to screen, obtain informed consent, and interview the main household respondents, preferably the household respondents of previous surveys (mostly mothers). Interview duration will be limited to about thirty (30) minutes. Responses will be recorded on tablets and transmitted to a secure, password-protected Dropbox folder. Interviewers (Visayas) who do not have project tablets will record responses in Excel or in paper to be sent to OPS for processing. Data collection through phone interview is estimated to around two weeks.

As in previous LCSFC surveys, the USC-Office of Population Studies Foundation, Inc. (OPS) will manage the over-all survey operations. Established experts will help oversee data collection in the domains: Demographic Research and Development Foundation of the University of the Philippines Population Institute for Luzon, Center for Social Research of the University of San Carlos for the Visayas, and Research Institute for Mindanao Culture of Xavier University for Mindanao. Data processing will be conducted by OPS personnel with the assistance of the CATI consultant.

B. Scope of Work

To carry out this phone survey, OPS requires someone with experience in setting up and managing a CATI system for quantitative surveys. It would be useful for the CATI consultant to have programming experience with national and longitudinal CATI/CAPI surveys.

The work covered by this consultancy includes:
1. Uploading/Programming the questionnaire into CATI format using CSPro (adapted to the local context and into local dialects: Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilonggo &
Waray), and adjust for the test version and the final version
2. Conducting training on how to set up and operate the created data entry program, how to synchronize and process data transfer encountered with data entry and upload
3.  Providing technical and logistical support during and after completion of data collection in resolving problems in data processing of uploaded files
4.  Providing support in communicating and addressing project issues, including updates, feedback, delays, follow-ups, and consultant and/or user requirements
5.  Working with the project team on data generation, validation, visualization and analysis Performing other tasks as needed

C. Deliverables

In accordance with the scope of work outlined in Section B, the consultant is expected to complete the following:
1. Data entry program and written CATI procedures for use in the Phone Survey operations  
2. On-line training of data collection teams
3. Written documentation on troubleshooting provision of technical and logistical assistance
4. Data monitoring report
5. Labeled dataset in electronic format (STATA or other formats with high system-integration ability) and codebook

D. Consultancy Fee and Payment Modalities

This will be a fixed contract, with 30% of the amount to be paid upon signing of the contract, 40% to be paid upon completion of the data entry program and training of interviewers, and the remaining 30% to be paid upon satisfactory completion of the assignment (see above for deliverables).

E. Consultancy Duration

The consultancy is expected to begin in September 2020 and end no later than December 31, 2020. All deliverables including cleaned and translated databases should be submitted no later than December 31.

F. Application Procedure

Interested candidates are hereby requested to send application via email to stating the subject line “Application Submission: CATI Consultancy”. The application should contain the following: a) Letter of Confirmation of Interest, b) personal CV indicating professional qualifications and references and c) financial proposal for this engagement. All costs (professional fees, communications) must be factored into the final amounts submitted in the financial proposal.