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OPS Outreach Activities

Trinka and Sam Storybook Translation and Distribution

The Trinka and Sam storybook series "The Rainy Windy Day" and "The Day the Earth Shook" were written by Dr. Chandra Ghosh Ippen of the University of California San Francisco for children who experienced the trauma of hurricanes and earthquakes. In response to the massive devastation caused by the unforgettable intensity 7.2 earthquake and super typhoon Yolanda in 2013, OPS collaborated with clinical psychologist Ms. Peachy Fernando in translating these books to Cebuano and Waray for distribution to children in areas most hit by the twin disasters. The work of translating and pretesting the translated text among schoolchildren and teachers were completed in 2015. The OPS did not have the funds to print and distribute the translated books to schoolchildren until late in 2017 when we received financial support from the Archdiocese of Cologne (Germany) and Clint Kamms Corporation. In December 2017, the OPS staff distributed 1,500 copies of the books to 14 elementary schools in Cebu, Bohol, Leyte and Samar:

a) "Si Trinka ug si Sam. Sa Adlaw nga Dunay Uwan ug Hangin" in 5 schools in Bogo City and Camotes Island;

b) "Hi Trinka ngan Hi Sam. Mauran ngan Mahangin nga Adlaw" in 4 schools in Leyte and Samar;

c) "Si Trinka ug si Sam. Sa Adlaw nga Niuyog ang Yuta" in 5 schools in Bohol.

These translated stories can be downloaded for free from Dr. Ippen's website at Pipolo Productions

Food Distribution and House Rehabilitation

Right after the massive earthquake and Super Typhoon Yolanda in 2013, the OPS, its employees and its international community of research collaborators/friends raised funds to help the survivors of these twin disasters. Our outreach activities included: a) donating food, bottles of water, medicines and other relief goods to various evacuation centers in Cebu; b) rehabilitating 7 houses in Loay, Bohol and 2 houses in Tabogon, Cebu; c) teaching the women of Tabogon how to cook local delicacies which they could sell for profit (we did a follow-up visit on October 12, 2015 to check on the women's progress with this new source of livelihood and teach new recipes for Christmas); and d) constructing toilets for Busao, Maribojoc residents whose houses were destroyed in the earthquake (October 20150).